Visited Embassies

Visited Embassies, Consulates, Permanent Missions to the United Nations, etc.


Visited Embassies, Consulates, Permanent Missions to the United Nations, etc.

(E) Embassy/High Commission
(PM) Permanent Mission
(CG) Consulate General
(HC) Honorary Consulate

Afghanistan: (E) Berlin, (PM) New York
Albania: (PM) New York
Argentina: (CG) New York, (PM) New York
Angola: (E) Berlin, (E) Berlin/GDR, (E) Lisbon, (PM) New York
Azerbaijan: (E) Berlin
Bahrain: (PM) New York
Belize: (PM) New York

Bhutan: (PM) New York
Brazil: (E) Berlin
Brunei Darussalam: (PM) New York
Cambodia, Democratic Republic: (PM) New York
Cambodia, Kingdom: (E) Berlin
Cape Verde: (E) Lisbon, (PM) New York, (E) Berlin
Central African Republic: (PM) New York
Chad: (PM) New York, (E) Berlin
Comores: (PM) New York, (E) Paris
Djibouti: (PM) New York, (E) Berlin

Dominican Republic: (CG) Hamburg
Equatorial-Guinea: (E) Madrid, (E) Berlin, (PM) New York, (E) Paris
Fiji: (PM) New York
Gabon: (PM) New York
Gambia: (PM) New York
Guinea: (PM) New York
Guinea-Bissau: (E) Berlin/GDR, (PM) New York, (E) Berlin
Guyana: (CG) New York, (PM) New York

Iran: (E) Berlin

Kampuchea, People’s Republic: (E) Berlin/GDR
Kazakhstan: (E) Bonn/Remagen
Korea, DPR (North): (E) Berlin, (E) Berlin/GDR, (E) Vienna
Laos: (E) Berlin, (E) Berlin/GDR
Liberia: (PM) New York, (E) Berlin
Libya: (E) Berlin, (PM) New York

Madagascar: (E) Berlin
Malawi: (E) London
Maldives: (PM) New York
Mali: (PM) New York
Mauritania: (E) Berlin, (PM) New York, (HC) Paderborn
Mongolia: (E) Berlin, (E) Berlin/GDR, (E) London, (PM) New York
Mozambique: (E) Berlin/GDR, (E) Lisbon, (PM) New York
Myanmar: (PM) New York
Niger: (PM) New York
Oman: (PM) New York
Papua New Guinea: (PM) New York
Philippines: (CG) New York
Russia: (E) Berlin
Samoa: (PM) New York
Sao Tome & Principe: (E) Lisbon, (HC) London, (PM) New York
Seychelles: (PM) New York
Sierra Leone: (PM) New York
Solomon Islands: (PM) New York
Somalia: (E) Berlin, (E) Berlin/GDR, (PM) New York
South Africa: (E) Bonn
St. Lucia: (PM) New York
Sudan: (E) Berlin, (PM) New York
Suriname: (PM) New York

Taiwan (Republic of China): Taipei Representative Office, Berlin
Uganda: (PM) New York
Uruguay: (E) Berlin/GDR
Western Sahara: (Observer Mission) New York
Yemen, Arab Republic (North): (E) London, (PM) New York
Yemen, PDR (South): (E) Berlin/GDR, (PM) New York

Zambia: (E) London

Plus – after 30 years – thousands of contacts with representatives of embassies, consulates, ministries of foreign affairs around the world by personal meetings at international events, by phone, letters, emails etc.