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    Acknowledgements (English)

    I would like to thank everyone for the following compliments, but give most of it back to my editorial contributors and other contacts around the world, without which my work would not be possible. Especially I want to mention here Denis Dionne in Montreal, the Deputy Editor of the World Tourism Directory.


    I would like to thank everyone for the following compliments, but give most of it back to my editorial contributors and other contacts around the world, without which my work would not be possible. Especially I want to mention here Denis Dionne in Montreal, the Deputy Editor of the World Tourism Directory.

    Al-Attab, Ibrahim, Deputy Marketing Manager, Yemen Tourism Promotion Board, Sana’a, Yemen, formerly 30 years General Manager, Yemen Expolorer Tours, Sana’a, Yemen

    ”Mr. Herbote is an ambassador for tourism, his profound knowledge and immense activity is unmatchable. Anyone would feel inspired working closely with him immediately. I met him for the first time in the days when internet was still in its early days. Burkhard still was pupil at school. He is one of the pioneers using information technology to spread and share knowledge.“

    Alduais, Khaled, Hospitality & Tourism Specialist, Sana’a, Yemen

    “I had the pleasure of meeting Burkhard for the first time while participating at the the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) in Berlin. Burkhard is the founder of the and and his dedication to this and his other ventures are awesome. I don’t get to work with Burkhard as much as I would like to. He’s a smart fellow always looking for ways to help out others and a great person to work with. I would encourage you to get to know him…“

    Alexander, Michael, Usability (IT) Consultant, Vienna + Athens

    “Burkhard, thank you so much for your continued help. You are surprisingly well-connected in the tourism industry and have constantly impressed me by the amount of energy you put into the work you do. Especially, you have a talent to identify what I needed and provided it without thinking about the amount of work you are making for yourself. This is a rare quality, which I appreciate very much.”

    Armleder, Angela, German Studies and Political Science, Stuttgart/Germany

    ”In 2008, Burkhard Herbote was a great help when I did a search for organizations within the tourism industry; more specifically, it was concerning quality labels for Chinese tourism. I was impressed by the expertise that Burkhard possessed and how willing he was to take time to help me. I later learned that he is friendly and engaging to everyone. One gets the feeling that he always has the big picture in mind and not only does he know everything about tourism addresses but also on issues of politics, development, culture and religion. That is why he is one of the founders of the World Tourism Foundation which set the goal of world peace through the tool of tourism at its forefront. For several years, Burkhard has been one of my best friends; it’s great that people like him exist today.”

    Baecker, Ingo, German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag), Secretariate of International Parliamentarian Groups, Berlin, Germany

    “It turned out that your Handbook for German-International Relations is very helpful for the daily work in the field of the office for the parliamentarian groups.”

    Bakshi, Manekk, Anantaram Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India

    “There are many of my overseas partners who spoke high about your site which made me curious to go through same. I have found lot of information related to travel… which I will like to call ONE STOP SHOP … you guys have done great work.”

    Baumgarten, Jean-Claude, President, World Travel & Tourism Council, London

    „…a resource tool which is so vital for the development of tourism.“

    Beauchamp, Edward, Founder, World Tourism Foundation, USA

    “I initially learned about Burkhard in 1995, when he has published the Second Edition of the ‘Worldwide Travel Information Contact Book’ with Gale Research Inc. in Detroit. Following the change of the title to “World Tourism Directory” the following year in cooperation with the World Tourism Organization, I telephoned him first time. That was the beginning of a long and successful story. On the interim, Burkhard has become our global ‘networking achor’. I listen to his suggestions which, among other things, have brought us seven of the Founding Partners, five of the Founding Trustees, and several further strategical partners, contractors and new staff for the World Tourism Foundation. 

    His purpose in life is to connect people. He is a true architect of intercultural bridges. I would even state he is undiscovered but a real leader serving one of the world’s largest employers – the tourism industry, with his expertise and his Bible of Tourism which is the most comprehensive directory for the travel and tourism industry. The content of his World Tourism Directory is not only thorough but his attention to detail remains unmatched.”

    Caligiuri, Eugenio, Honorary Consul of Equatorial Guinea, Bucharest, Romania

    “Your web page on Equatorial Guineas is incredibly well! Congratulations!”

    Capitain, Burkhard, Editor, „Orientierungen“, Germany

    „The entries oft he present volume lead to a valuable and methodically convincing reference publication.“

    „Contacts“ – Magazine of the Working Group of Development Politics, Bonn, Germany

    „A clear reference publication, that delivers answers on (almost) all questions.“

    Csontos, Piroskn, Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Greater Munich, Germany

    „Your Handbook of German International Relations is tremendous! It helps me a lot.“

    D’Amore, Louis, Founder + President, Int’l Institute for Peace Through Tourism, Vermont

    “The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT is most pleased to endorse and recommend Mr. Burkhard Herbote as a consultant and inter-cultural advisor. I have known Burkhard since the late 1990’s. He is always ready to assist in any way possible and has been a valuable asset and resource to IIPT in our mission of promoting “peace through tourism”. His knowledge of the industry as well as geo-political conditions throughout the world is without equal. His World Tourism Directory is the established ‘gold standard’ for contacts and information related to all sectors of the industry throughout the world. Burkhard also serves as an important member of the IIPT International Advisory Board.”

    Dalgety, David,, USA

    „…excellent on-line resource which I will give mention to in my travel industry writing.“

    Damghani, Hossein, CEO Fanava Group, Tehran, Iran

    formerly CEO Treasures of Persia + AITO Azadi International Tourism Organization

    “Burkhard is a very talented man with a unique personality and professional people-skills; he is hard-working and accurately achieves his objectives. I respect his honsty, his management an planning skills.”

    Darnay, Brigitte, Director of Business Directories, Gale Research, Inc., Detroit/USA

    (first publisher of the Worldwide Travel Information Contact Book)

    „I met Burkhard Herbote in 1989 while working at Gale Research Co. in Detroit, MI as Director of Business Directories.  He was introduced to me as the German author of a proposed book, the Worldwide Travel Information Contact Book.  This reference work was an idea Burkhard had developed and devised for publication in the US.  

    Being an immigrant from Germany myself, I welcomed him with pleasure.  I could see that his idea and plan, as well as examples of page layouts, were well thought through and nicely executed.  After some further discussions involving other Gale departments, it was agreed that a firm proposal would be presented to the Executive.  

    The project was approved after delivery format, size and design of database, time frame for database production, etc. were agreed upon by both sides.  The first edition then appeared in December 1990, and the rest, of course, is history.

    Working with B.H. was always a pleasure.  He was meticulous in his work, always on time, and rarely needed any database assistance.  Upon final approval, Gale provided printing, binding, marketing, and distribution within the US.  Since that first directory, many more followed, were updated, expanded and eagerly consulted by travellers, travel and tourism organizations, even governmental agencies, worldwide.“

    Deppe, Jürgen, Editor NDR Kultur + medien:manufaktor, Hamburg, Germany

    ”With pleasure I recall our press trip to Northern Ireland in 1986. Back in those days, I was quite thankful that you suggested me, the unknown Jürgen Deppe, to participate in that trip. I had just finished school and started my professional career and never thought your skills with people would extend it to me, takine me on my first press trip ever. It was quite an important stepp for me and an experience I didn’t want to miss as it was helpful for my start in journalism and culture as well.

    Never I will forget the unbelievably helpful tramp in Belfast who spoke to us in not understandable Galic slang to find the way out of the roadblocks, the cows and the heavy sent of alcohol near the Bushmills Wiskey Distillery, “Mary McBride’s” the smallest Pub of Ireland in Cushendan. Maybe we should repeat this experience sometime with a Guiness or fresh fish from Lough Erne?”

    Derksen, André, formerly CEO TII GmbH + Board Member AG, Worms/Munich

    “Being CEO of the first major travel website on the German market I find the large fortune to integrate the most comprehensive database of the travel industry in our website: The World Tourism Directory.

    At that beginning phase of trip advises and travel deals on the internet, the integration of this reference work meant an absolutely unique selling point which gave us the case of succession of the site,, exceptionally much customer interest.

    Even in this day and age this compact collection of all major contacts in the tourism industry of all countries worldwide is unique. The founder and owner of this database, Mr Burkhard Herbote, has created until today for all who have to do with business or pleasure trips in meticulous detail and careful maintenance, an incomparable work of information.”

    Donner, Wolf, Dr., Author, Economic Geographer, formerly Board of German-Nepal Society 

    and German-Thai Society, Cologne/Germany

    “Mr Herbote has been for long in close ties with the German Nepali Society, and we have occasionally exchanged ideas and information. We admired how he has collected global data on tourism and I have, where possible, given assistance concerning Nepal and Thailand. With the Thailand Review 1994 we published a book review and useful addresses.”

    Duffy, Cj, Chairman, World Tourism Foundation, Virginia, USA

    Founder, World Tourism Network, Virginia, USA

    “On behalf of the Founding Trustees of the World Tourism Foundation and the destinations around the world, I extend our appreciation for assembling the travel and tourism industry’s most comprehensive directory. I have previewed the content and you have done it again! The content is not only thorough, but the attention to accuracy remains unmatched.

    The World Tourism Directory will be personally valued by the industry’s leaders and significantly help us improve the communication with not only our peers in the remotest destinations of the world, but with immediate neighbours. It would not surprise me, if a reader were to use this resource for his/her home destination. Many thanks to the publisher, the editorial staff, and the global network of contributing correspondents for providing such a useful reference tool.”

    Ellis, Susie, CEO,, New York, USA

    and Organizer of the Global Spa and Wellness Summit

    “I am heading to New Delhi, India this weekend and our Global Spa and Wellness Summit as well as our Global Wellness Tourism Congress is totally sold out. Thank you for all of your help in putting together a list of who to contact at the government level for various countries around the world. You were a great help in getting us connected with some of the right people (who are very difficult to reach) and also I felt you were very valuable in sharing some of your wisdom and expertise in how to identify the right contacts. Your many years of working in this field have allowed you to garner valuable information that can’t be found anywhere else. Thank you again for your help!”

    Elshafie, Maimouna, Department of International Relations,

    Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife, Khartoum, Sudan

    “I have known Burkhard Herbote since 2004, when we met at ITB in Berlin. I helped him with the Sudan file of World Tourism Directory. Since that time we have exchanged much more services and assistance to each other. He is consistently helpful and trustful in many areas. I consult him and he is supporting me with my interest in environmental and tourism, etc. He helped me to get a scholarship from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Burkhard plays an extraordinarily and effective role in communicating and networking with people from different parts of the planet.“

    Endicott, Marcus, Editor-in-Chief,,,

    Evolutionary travel information since 1984 / Green Travel in the New Millenium

    Author: Vagabond Globetrotting – The Electronic Traveler in the New Millenium

    “I consider Burkhard Herbote to be one of the best connected people in the tourism industry today. His World Tourism Directory is consistently one of the first places I turn to for professional contacts in new and unknown places. Over many years of association, I have consulted him on matters requiring specialized expertise, and have always found him to be both knowledgeable and helpful.”

    Ferrari, Manfredo, Journalist, Editor-in-Chief Vatican-News,, Rome, Italy 

    “Mr Burkhard Herbote I know since mid of the 90s. First we just had contact by email and telephone, but in 2012 we finaly met personaly during ITB in Berlin. I learned Mr Herbote being a very serious human being, who has an extraordinary know how about the tourism industry. Top of that his human engagement impressed me deeply. I personaly was involved with a difficult development in Southern India where he invested a huge amount of time to solve and moderate the crisis between two tourism stakeholders with lot of skill, diplomacy and patience successfully. Also when we have met just once I consider Mr Herbote as a friend I deeply trust.”

    Fitzner, Nicole, Manager, General Aviation, Munich-Airport, Germany

    ”I met Burkhard Herbote in 2002 as a helpful and trustworthy friend while I was a newcomer in the aviation industry. I was a junior flight officer and half of my time I have spent in the clouds. Burkhard extensively helped me building my first website. While I just had a basic idea of what I had wanted, Burkhard already visualized the bigger picture while paying great attention to detail. The result was a professional website about myself and my new live in the sky. I thank Burkhard a lot.

    For me, Burkhard is not only an interesting person because of his wide knowledge but also for his unique skills in networking with people and organizations in the travel and tourism industry around the globe. I wish Burkhard Herbote all the best and continued success in his future endeavours.”

    Fournier, Christine, Secretary General, World Association of Travel Agencies WATA

    and World of Incentives WOI, La Rippe/Geneva

    “Burkhard Herbote, editor of World Tourism Directory was appointed in 2012, Advisor of WATA and WOI for relations with international trade organizations, as well as for the selective extension of the worldwide network.

    We can only acknowledge of the excellence of work accomplished by Mr Herbote. He is a person who is totally dedicated to his mission, very responsible and conscious, prompt reacting and very efficient. Every request is answered immediately in a very satisfactory way. He is also always in a position to anticipate needs and make valuable suggestions.

    It is really a pleasure for WATA + WOI to work with the highly professional support of Mr Herbote, for the success of the associations’ projects.”

    Goldberg, Marian, Marian Goldberg Marketing Communications, New York, USA

    “Burkhard is meticulous in his attention and love to detail in following the format for what is included into this directory. He is “obsessive” and passionate about travel data and information.”

    Greenberg, Zeal, Chairman, World Development Endowment Foundation, New York, USA

    “Burkhard continues to be a trusted friend,with exceptional knowledge of the World Marketplace. His sincerity and integrity make Burkhard a very valuable colleague and adviser who have built a remarkable reputation and strong relationships with the entire Travel Industry. He is truly unique.“

    Griebel, Ute Cornelia, Head of Library, Press- and Information Office of the German Federal Government, Bonn/Berlin, Germany

    „The Handbook of German International Relations, which consist of three volumes is just as helpful as ist predecessor and is also an essential reference guide in the reading room of the library of the Press and Information office of the German Federal Government“

    Haberstroh, Max, Independent Hospitality Professional, Schonach, Germany

    “Burkhard was the one to bring the enthusing concept of the World Tourism Foundation / World Tourism Network to my attention. He provided all the valuable contacts involved, and I very much enjoyed his strengths of networking and references and organizations. Burkhard is a consistent forward-thinker, smart with his concepts, creativity and accountability in business. Cooperating with him is always a win-win outcome, both personally and professionally. I can sincerely recommend him.“

    Haroon, Agha Iqrar, President, The Region Initiative (TRI), Lahore + Islamabad, Pakistan

    Former President EcoTourism Society Pakistan, Former Consultant to Ministry of Tourism

    ”I have know Burkhard since 1999 when I was a Consultant to the Government of Pakistan Ministry of Tourism. My first contact with him was regarding his queries to getting information about tourism related institutions, organisations and establishments private as well as public sectors and I was impressed how much he was inquisitive to reconfirm information already provided by my department because he did not wish any error in information regarding change of address or change of phone number of such tourism establishment. Since then, it was my pleasure to be in touch and he was very helpful when I was establishing The Region Initiative (TRI), a tourism networking of South Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. He do not know only almost all the important people of various countries but also understands society and mind-set of areas of his work. I found him to be a very hard worker, responsive and accurate in providing information.“

    Helle, Dr. Thomas, CEO Novis GmbH, Tübingen, Germany

    Energy Development Partners – Waste to Energy

    “If you need to know something about tourism – regardless what – contact Burkhard.
    You will definitely profit thereof and it’s allways a pleasure to engage in personal communication to share with him or buy valuable know-how!”

    Hewitt, Sue, Publisher, World of Information Ltd., Cambridge, UK

    “Burkhard is the best, most thorough, provider of travel related data that I have had the pleasure of working with.”

    Huber, Elke, formerly CEO Restaurant/Gaststätte Häseler, Fröndenberg-Frömern, Germany

    „I know Burkhard Herbote for the past several years. He is to me a valuable interlocutor and a good listener. He is trustworthy and reliable. Burkhard has helped me several times as a guide in difficult business situations. He has a broad horizon, above all, what concerns human factors through its diverse international contacts. At his desk, the globe becomes a village, where people know each other. –  He is a true world citizen!”

    Hussein, Msangi, Director, Nyika Treks, Arusha, Tanzania

    “We highly recommend your great work to create such a useful website.”

    Informationsdienst südliches Afrika (Informationservice Southern Africa), Bonn, Germany

    „A diligent work, helful for information offices“.

    International Institute for Peace throught Tourism, Stowe, Vermont, USA

    „…excellent reference volume for anyone interested in Africa and the African travel industry, and certainly the most extensive and up-to-date directory of its type that exist, organized by country and including a previously non-existent index of important international associations, organizations and services for the travel industry.“

    Jolaoso, Sola, Editor, The African Courier, Heidelberg, Germany

    „…an invaluable reference tool for Africa-tourists and people engaged in the tourism industry. …particularly useful for business people, tourists, students, academics and journalists with an interest in Africa“

    Karbe, Janet, Technische Universität, Berlin, Germany

    Institut für Stadt- und Regionalplanung, Fachgebiet Stadt- und Regionalökonomie

    “I investigated the internationality of Berlin with a study of our university. With the research the website has proven to be useful, since a variety of different international contacts are recorded. Such country-specific overview may be found very rarely.”

    Kessler, Ulrich, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 

    Department of International Trade, Lübeck, Germany

    “Your Directory of German-International Relations and the Worldwide Travel Information Contact Book are a useful and valuable support with our daily work.”

    Köster, Dietrich, Wirtschaftsgeograph, Bonn, Germany

    ”At the beginning of the 90’s I learned about Burkhard Herbote from the German Pacific Society and the German Society of the African States of Lusophone Languages. He is a successful and diligent collector of data who does so in order to compile the results into comprehensive reference books with focus on tourism and general information about all countries and dependencies around the world.

    He cooperates with major publishers with special focus on scientific reference publications. His directories are permanently updated. I, myself, am also proud to have helped him with personal research while I was traveling in Namibia, Mozambique, Angola and Timor Leste. His books and websites are of great utility for all sectors of the world economy, especialy of the tertiary sector. Nobody else understands how to refurbish such data in an excellent manner which is also presented interestingly so. I think he has earned an award in journalism of his diligence and great organizational and technical skills.”

    Kuska, Vratislav, Web Marketing Consultant, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

    “I liaised with Mr. Herbote for several years and found him to be hard working, creative expert on contact information for the world travel industry.”

    Leskien, Christiane, Ex-Sales Director, Air Transport World, Bonn, Germany

    “During my career as Sales Director for Air Transport World, the worldwide leading magazine for the airline industry, I needed help from Burkhard Herbote several times regarding organizations and/or situations in some countries. His knowledge, because of his many and personal contacts in all these countries, has been enormous, he has a very great background knowledge. His help was always given immediately and very friendly. One time, and it was only a try, I asked for a person from Malawi I met many, many years ago. Actually, Burkhard could give me the address of his son. Just unbelievable! Burkhard’s knowledge actualy is much more extensive and deep, as his websites show. With his offer he is doing an absolutely great job. We should pay for all extras!”

    March, Roger, Senior Lecturer in Tourism University of New South Wales, Sydney, and Director Inbound Tourism Studies Centre, Lane Cove, NSW, Australia

    „Amazing site comprising a travel industry directory for most countries of the world“

    McDonnell, Ian, School of Sport and Tourism, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

    „…I have it listed on my subject outline as an excellent tourism web site.“

    Meffert, Heribert, Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. mult., 

    Chairman, Bertelsmann Foundation, Gütersloh/Germany

    ”Thank you for sending me the Directory of German-International Relations. I was impressed with this inspiring effort, and was impressed by both magnitude and the thoroughness of your search.”

    Menne, Uwe, Freundeskreis Kongo-Brazzaville, Hessisch-Lichtenau, Germany

    “I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your excellent directory! Throughout the German speaking regions there is no such brilliant and clearly structured, and logical parent reference publication about contacts on all countries like yours. It allows me, being a cultural and political interested individual to locate all the information easily and quickly, which I previously had to search through for weeks! For your masterpiece a very big thank you and good luck and joy with your important work connecting people from all over the world.”

    Meyhofer, Dr., Press- and Information Office of the Federal German Government, Bonn/Berlin

    „I think your Handbook of German International Relations is very useful fort he concerns oft he governmental press office.“

    Moayeri, Shahrzad, Hamsafaran Mashhad Tour & Travel Co. Ltd., Mashhad, Iran

    Head of International Communications + Medical Tourism Specialist

    “I know Burkhard Herbote since the middle of 2011 and I can confirm that he, being both an editor and  professional tourism consultant, has first-hand knowledge about the international travel and tourism industry that is absolutely wonderful! Much of it comes out of the fact that, without a doubt, he loves our planet and its people. His efforts are mainly geared toward developing the tourism industry to be a peace-creating tool. What makes him almost unique among many travel writers and tourism consultants is that he is well aware that tourism does not operate in a vacuum. He utilizes diplomacy in his consultation and builds bridges between sectors and individual companies from the private sector so that they would all work together for a common goal; that is to promote tourism in a country or a region within the country.

    For me, Shahrzad, this means: If one live in a country with obstacles such as international embargos, Burkhard is a symbolic candle in the darkness. He took me by the hand and let me into the vast world of tourism. Through his professional advise and with the help of his international contacts, he connected me to the Global Travel Industry and he helped me integrate myself and my company in tourism and show the Iranian flag as being part of key developments in the private sector. He showed me and my company the way to the domestic and international marketplace, giving me good advice and direction along the way.

    It gave me the opportunity to offer something special. It allowed me to continue to be motivated, to grow without interruptions and to not fear the unknown in the world of tourism. I am where I am because Burkhard was a back-bone figure.

    Finally, I must mention his brilliant sense of humor which opens doors over all cultural and political boundaries.”

    Moes, Serge, ANTOR Association of National Tourist Office Representatives, London

    „unreserved compliments on your stupendously useful repertory…..probably the most comprehensive tourism/travel and country information directory“

    Mühlenkamp, Woldemar, Global Sales Manager, Global Mobility Deutschland, Hanau, Germany

    “Your website is very interesting and it is an inspiration to find worldwide travel information contacts.”

    „Nepal Information“, German Nepali Society, Cologne, Germany

    „Til today there is no comparable source that associates such addresses with this detail. In addition to the usual well-known travel destinations, the book also contains a variety of information contacts from less frequented, barely known or difficult countries, which one searches in vain for in other reference publications.“

    Panter, Susanne, CEO,

    International Tracing Service, Frankfurt/Stuttgart/Germany

    “I can recommend your work highly. Your research services in connection with your various contacts are valuable components of the overall service offering of and This in conjunction with your reliable and authentic way of working and will make you a valued business partner. I hope to be able to still take with me in the not too distant future your competent work, thorough research labours and your meaningful advice service to completion.”

    Paziorek, Dr. Peter, MdB, Deutscher Bundestag, German Parliament, Berlin, Germany

    ”I was impressed with your determination displayed in your work with regards to the compilation of addresses and contacts. Anyone can take abroad the Handbook of German International Relations which eleminates time-consumption and costly research. A further positive note is that, besides of official institutions also oppositional or political organizations in exile and human rights groups have been performed.”

    Pecorelli, Enrico, Assistant to CEO, Reinberg & Partner + Mongolia Consulting, Hamburg

    ”Why are we still googling when it is easy to find everything with you?“

    Petropoulos, Antonis, Founder, International Ecotourism Club, Athens/Greece

    “Burkhard Herbote is recognised as an international authority and a source of travel-related information, in particular tourism, aviation, hospitality and tourism media. He is also interested in German international relations, cultural exchange, foreign trade, third world problems, development and human rights issues. As a member of several travel, tourism, cultural and bi-national associations. Mr Herbote writes regularly for German magazines and newspapers and makes frequent guest appearances on German radio.”

    Pohnke, Joachim, HMS Bounty Club Deutschland e.V., Dinslaken, Germany

    “I’m flabbergasted! What you’ve put together is indeed a crazy performance! Similary, it is valuable as Wikipedia but just on a different level. I „quickly“ clicked just out for by French Polynesia and Pitcairn Island, and once found familiar and new addresses confirming of ministry.”

    Poli, Guido,, Sienna, Italy

    „I have been in touch with Burkhard for several advice matters relating to the tourism business. Since I started looking at the Chinese market in order to promote our properties, he did help me a great deal by showing a full and deep understanding of such complicated market. I have just read some abstract of the handbook dispensed by the Chinese Tourism Board advising travellers on country habits and Burkhard could have written it….“

    Poudel, Narayan, Mac Trek and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal

    “Great website! I appreciate your work as it helps people all over the world to get in touch with each other.”

    Reinknecht, Dr. Gottfried, Deutsches Übersee-Institut, Leiter Übersee-Dokumentation

    (now: GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies), Hamburg, Germany

    “I have your work constantly at hand on my desk.”

    Ri, Yong Bom, DPRK Tourism Representative to the European Union, Berlin, Germany

    “I have known Burkhard Herbote probably since the year 2000 when we met at ITB in Berlin for the first time. Since this time we have been in contact frequently, and he is a respectable and honest consultant to our organization. With pleasure I realized tourism for Mr Herbote is more than just business, it is a tool to bridge people from different nations, cultures, languages, religions in order to learn from each other. Beside of commercial interest tourism can be an important path for peace, and we all should work on this option. I am glad to be in contact with him and recommend him without doubt.”

    Ripken, Peter, Society for the Promotion of the Literature from Africa, Asia and Latin America, Frankfurt International Book Fair, Germany

    „Burkhard Herbote is a rare master of his business. I use his work, the „Handbook of German International Relations, frequently. It is placed directly beneath my telephone.“

    Riyaz, Mohamed, CEO, Lets Go Maldives Pvt. Ltd., Malé, Maldives

    “I was searching on the internet and found – the coolest site in the world.”

    Roos, Sören, Editor „Afrika Post“, Bonn/Berlin, Germany

    „…leaves no wish unfulfilled.“

    Rossbach, Udo, Biblitheksleiter, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Stuttgart, Germany

    „The Handbook of German-International Relations is an indispensable tool for the promotion of international cultural relations.“

    Safari, Sara, Tourism Researcher, Leibniz University of Hanover, Germany

    “I have had the pleasure of knowing Burkhard since 2008, and since then he has held the position of Editor for World Tourism Directory, and Directory of German International Relations. Burkhard excels in his role as a knowledgeable and experienced tourism specialist, and has consistently impressed me with his great talent to connect the right people together.

    The dynamic, multi-cultural, sympathetic, flexible, well disciplined, dedicated and supportive nature of Burkhard, makes him an unequalled human being and expert, whose acquaintance and companion can make a real advantage and pleasure.

    Burkhard is definitely one of the best and most invaluable sources of knowledge and expertise in the tourism domain.

    I have learned a great deal from his professional knowledge and personal life attitude. I highly recommend Burkhard to any individual or organization, seeking to augment her/his communication and relation levels.”

    Savignac, Antonio Enriquez, Secretary General, World Tourism Organization (1996)

    „…the industry’s most comprehensive listing of tourism contacts and an important tool for tourism development.“

    Schneider, Manfred, Cologne, Germany

    “The content of your website is unique! This country information can save many hours of research with search engines. I’ve found nothing better when it comes to clear and complete information to all countries around the world. Something I used to always sought. Absolutely top class!”

    Schoenefeldt, Stefan, Founder Schoenefeldt Choir + Kulturbahnhof e.V. Beckum, Germany

    “We need more people who see a value in engaging themselves on behalf of the community, and of working towards a common good. People who do not base their actions on their own needs, but feel the value of working for a society in which they live, and helping their fellows. If such an earth-dweller also possesses the talent and sensitivity to appreciate what is happening behind the scenes and can communicate their insights with both diplomacy and humor without others needing to lose face, than this person who is often a leading-light and advisor. Burkhard is such a person.”

    Simkhada, Deependra, Managing Director,

    Simrik Real Nepal Treks & Expeditions (P) Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal

    “Burkhard Herbote is a well known name in the world of tourism and he has extensive knowledge and contacts in the international tourism and travel industry.

    I have know him only for one year but quickly noticed that he considers the tourism market as a whole and he acts as a great architect, builds bridges between destinations, branches, customers and suppliers. No doubt he can develop cross-border concepts that form the backbone for the world tourism market by his farsightedness. For the promotion of sustainable and responsible tourism development in my country, I wish to import his help and expertise to Nepal, too. The Himalayas have a big market for adventure tourism. I think Mr. Herbotes experiences can provide much inspiration for the development of our country.

    We can be prould of his professional network and are grateful to find his work in our address book. I would like to suggest to the international team led by Burkhard Herbote to visit Nepal and for Burkhard to share his experiences with us. We can all learn from each other.”

    Spode, Hasso, Prof. Dr., Head of the Historical Archive on Tourism, Berlin/Germany

    “The Historical Archive on Tourism (HAT) collects historical material in the field of travel and tourism, such as leaflets, guidebooks, posters etc. The archive is housed at the Technical University of Berlin (Center for Metropolitan Studies and Center for Technology and Society). 

    More info: and

    Prof. Spode thanks Burkhard Herbote for the generous donation of 120 folders, sorted by countries, containing information about travel, tourism and geography. This private „Herbote Archive“ was built up with an immense amount of labour, time and money. It originally consisted of 350 folders and 1,200 books. Large parts of these materials are now available at the HAT.”

    Steinmetz, Jürgen Thomas, Editor, Hawaii, USA

    + Chairman, International Council of Tourism Partners, Hawaii, Brussels + Victoria/Seychelles

    “Burkhard know them all!” 

    Stobbe, Nicola, IMOE Information Service Middle and Eastern Europe, Hannover, Germany

    “… without comparison on the internet.”

    Sträter, Frank, Editor, “Der Überblick”, Hamburg, Germany

    “Carefully compiled, comprehensive and very helpful guide”

    Sturm, Thomas, OAV Ostasiatischer Verein (Far East Association), Hamburg, Germany

    “…. It is for our work also a valuable source of information.”

    Sugahara, Kiyomi, former President of the Pacific Asia Travel Association, PATA, Bangkok, and Founder of Jetour Corporation, Tokyo/Japan

    “I have known Burkhard since 1998 after Ed Beauchamp of World Tourism Foundation, a smart visionary, introduced us. We communicate 2 – 3 times annually which are always very fruitful and creative brainstorming events; full of respect, honour and not to mention, they are humorous.

    Both of us are happy to assist at World Tourism Foundation when necessary. I would also like to mention Burkhard’s unbelievable diplomatic skills through all cultural, political and personal barriers; 

    it is worth mentioning that I do not know many people with this aptitude.”

    Sumiyabazar, Choimboroljav, Editor-in-Chief, UB Post, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    “Congratulations, you have built an extensive web directory on Mongolia and the world.”

    Tackunov, Nikolay, Marketing Director VneshIntourist, Minsk, Belarus

    “Burkhard and I have met and spoken several times about the global aspects of tourism as well about tourism promotion of a whole destination. After break down of USSR my country Belarus was urged to jump into the cold water out of the blue to promote its own products to the international tourist market. We have very special circumstances which where understood by him. I meanwhile retired official, but remain close to the industry since I have tourism in my blood, similarly to Burkhard. I thank him for his advice for my company and our country, and I can wholeheartedly recommend his consultancy.”

    Tarlow, Prof. Dr. Peter, Tourism & More,  College Station, Texas, USA

    “Burkhard is a wonderful person who works hard and cares about other people. He delivers what he promises and does so in a timely and caring manner. I am lucky to have him in my circle of electronic friends. I am sure that whatever job he does, he will do it with care and with a high level of professionalism.”

    Sister M Odilgard Theiken, MSC, Missionaries of the Scared Heart of Jesus, Münster-Hiltrup 

    Provincial Superior Vunapope (1977-1987), Papua New Guinean + Councillor of the Generalate of the Congregation of MSC in Surti, Italy (1990-1996)

    “It was a great pleasure to meet and know Burkhard Herbote in 1999, since returning from Italy and after working in Hiltrup at the missionary office. Burkhard Herbote requested some information regarding his two (2) aunts, who were Sr. Edelwina Stemich MSC and Sr. Esther Stemich MSC.

    Since working quite a few years with both sisters in Vunapope/New Britain, I was able to give him valuable information. Burkhard spent the afternoon with us in Hiltrup and I felt at that time he had great interest in our small world in PNG, and also in the international and global affairs.

    Always after very spending delightful afternoons with Burkhard, I was pleased as they proved fruitful and that provided me much joy. Since meeting in Hiltrup our bond remained. Now an 87 years old devout sister who met and found Burkhard a remarkable and lovable individual, I like all his attributes but especially appreciated his honesty and accountability manner as a person”

    Thiermann, Kendra, Translator,, Offenbach/Germany

    „… …. clear, user-friendly and interesting site.“

    Thinius Ernst, Vice-Chairman, German Teachers Association of Russian DLRV, Drensteinfurt

    “Thank you for your interesting documents from the Soviet Union and its successor states! 

    I was glad to forward the material from your collection including the original promotional brochures from the Soviet and Russian tourism companies. These promotional brochures were sent to my Russian teaching colleagues for their linguistic and cultural analysis because of the country and language known authenticity of your publications. I find your website tremendously inspiring!”

    Tiwari, Ramesh, Nepal Travel Media Association, Kathmandu, Nepal

    “World Tourism Directory is a bridge to promote international tourism and peace.”

    Timothy, Professor Dr Dallen J., School of Community Resources and Development,

    Senior Sustainability Scientist, Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University, USA

    “Your directory is a great service to the tourism academy and industry.”

    Tschernoussow, Werner, Marketing Director (Tourism Information Internet), Worms, Germany

    „The Bible of World Travel and Tourism“

    „UNESCO Today“, German UNESCO Commission, Bonn, Germany

    „…. with ist information content it can serve as an important contribution to international exchange of experiences and thus to international understanding.“

    Veliparambil Kunjipylee, Chrisostom 

    CEO, Kerala Tours & Services, Kochi, Kerala, India

    “I have known Sir Burkhard Herbote since early 2011. My view on him, independent and without prejudice:

    Honesty, patience, graceful and hard working combined with selfless and absorbing pains is what I feel to describe Sir Burkhard, other than his blood full of contacts in this planet. I only pray for that one day when he meets the actual ultimate one for whom he is made. The world of tourism is his story and nobody can match him with the number of emails he sends in connection with tourism. Where he does the mistake is he respects everybody and loves all who comes in his way. Trust is what he creates with unending longevity of contacts once created.

    I definitely can recommend him blindly for any projects he involves will be a same time selfless and professional helping and talented consultancy. Before I wind up the need for best consultancy services on world tourism, I think there is no other human on this planet to compete him in the knowledge of contacts and destinations and the speed in communicating.”

    Venzke, Ingo, Dr. jur., Senior Research Fellow & Lecturer

    Department of International and European Law, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    „Burkhard and I are from the same town in Westphalia; 10 years ago he called me out of the blue because our interests in international relations, broadly, matched. Now as then he pursues his curiosity in politics and social change beyond borders with the great fascination and dedication. Whereas many run down narrow paths, Burkhard keeps a sharp bird’s eye view. It is wonderful to discuss with him. When we met first time, Burkhard kindly offered me his meticulous multi-volume Handbook on International Relations, a rich repository of addresses which are still hard to find on the web. It offered me great service when I pursued the idea of spend a social year abroad.“

    Voropoulos, Kostas, Ioannina, Greece

    “To be honest I have tried several tourist information sites on the internet but -believe me- the World Tourism Directory is the best. It is the only source to get all the relevant information and contacts.”

    Wayne, Scott, President, SW Associates, Washington, DC, USA

    International Consulting Practice focused on Sustainable Development trough Tourism, former head of communications and publications of the World Tourism Organization and North American representative of the World Travel & Tourism Council

    “I first met Burkhard 1993 at ITB in Berlin. He was running from booth to booth trying to extract bits and pieces of contact information from each exhibitor for the World Tourism Directory that he had created. Even at that time, he had already created what was then the world’s most comprehensive directory of nearly every type of public and private sector organizations involved in tourism. At the time, I was in charge of building UNWTO’s communications programs, including publications. I was impressed by Burkhard’s dedication to the Directory and intense eye for details and so also was then Secretary-General Antonio Enriquez Savignac. We agreed to co-publish the Directory with KG Saur, a major German publisher and then distribute copies to all of UNWTO’s members, as well as make it available for sale. The Directory went through various iterations after the Secretary General and I moved on from the UNWTO, but Burkhard persisted and continues to persist today with a successful website that still provides one of the best directories of tourism organizations. By this point, Burkhard probably has the entire database memorized. He continues to be THE „go-to“ authority for information on tourism-related organizations in every country and territory around the world. His World Tourism Directory is one of the best resources of its kind. It has more than “addresses” – it is the world’s best source of contact information for the travel & tourism industry. His separate publication on Africa is one of the best sources of contact information for the industry in Africa that I have seen. It is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in travel and tourism in Africa. For instance, I am not sure where else you could find such a comprehensive directory of travel trade publications for every country of the continent – among many other categories of information.”

    Wettlaufer, Heiner, Special Operations Director / Leiter Sonderprojekte

    Pivot Point PPA Office, Frankenberg + Obrigheim, Germany

    ”I do not want to miss this opportunity to express our special „Thank you“ for your work and service. Thank you for your professional research, your motivating personality and endorsement with our communication, your immediate processing of our requests, your immediate transfer of the requested data. Mr Herbote will certainly use your service again the next possible opportunity.”

    Wiedenstridt, Christel, Journalist, Dortmund, Germany

    ”Years ago, when I worked for a German travel magazine, Burkhard and me were invited by the tourists boards of Andorra and the Spanish province of Navarra. Especially the mystic environment and atmosphere of the remote Roncesvalles “at the end f the world” will remain in our memory. There was an extraordinary good harmony and communication during this 8 days and I thank Burkhard to accompany with this trip I will never forget.”

    Wight, Pamela, Tourism Academic, Author, Tourism Consultant, Canada

    „…amazing travel resource.“

    Winkelhoch, Fritz Lothar, CEO AVCENTA Airline Solutions, Gummersbach, Germany

    “I have been working in the Airline and Travel Industry for more than 30 years now. It was never easy to find the proper contact in foreign countries if I wanted to build up business contacts or look for new customers. Then you and your enterprise showed up and made things much easier for me immediately. From then on it was easy to contact someone and if that was not the exact person I was looking for, he or she was able to direct me the way until I had what I was looking for. Your System never failed. Thank you for your efforts.”

    Witte, Friedrich, Schriftführer, Deutsch-Pazifische Gesellschaft e.V., Stuttgart, Germany

    “Beginning of the 80s I discovered Burkhard Herbote with a report in the newspaper „Frankfurter Rundschau“. He was introduced as a seldom species of international address bureau. By chance short time later I had the chance to meet him personally with a meeting of the German Pacific Society in St. Augustin. The Founder of the GPS Dr. Dr. Friedrich Steinbauer introduced us with each other. Immediately a creative and fruitful brain storming started, our thoughts where like a flowing river with a great sense of humour. His cosmo-political appearance changed to a special cosmopolitical with focus on the Pacific Region. State: Who holds all the strings in his hands, can patch quite a lot at ones stuff. And so consistently our contact remains a stimulating with each other.”

    Wood, Dan, Founder The College Caravan, New Hampshire/USA

    “Burkhard Herbote is something of an international treasure and superlative in myriad ways. Having been blessed with a good number of years on this Planet Earth and having travelled and lived in much of it, I have experienced diverse fields of endeavour. Primarily in circles of education, aviation, the military and music, I have met many good people of conviction, substance, achievement and honour at all levels of society. (I have also dealt with many dastardly, dangerous and disturbed characters.) 

    This is all important to mention, as happily, one uplifting good soul in the first category is Burkhard Herbote of Germany, who in his individual way is helping to spread goodness and understanding, thus, in effect, simultaneously negating and uplifting the lower energy beings in the latter column. Outstanding amongst the people I have encountered on Life’s journey, he is passionate and compassionate, a singular individual. Of any, he is selfless and caring, sharing information and tips, whether they are of business, travel, health or general interest and utility. He is excellent in bringing people together. 

    Whatever the issue, big or small, he immediately jumps wholeheartedly into anything that could help though it brings no tangible reward to him. He does not procrastinate and is always available. Invariably cheerful, a visionary and unmatched by any individual in the amount of information he brings up and shares, he appears a human dynamo. We need more people like him to make this world a better place. 

    Burkhard Herbote is devoid of humus, self-motivated and open-minded. We should support him in his impressive work, which not only provides voluminous travel information for travellers and businesses but promotes world peace. He does this on his own and with no staff.”

    Wright, Kevin J., President, World Religious Travel Association, Littleton, Colorado, USA

    “.. my compliments to you on a tremendous website and resource. It’s outstanding.”

    Zeisler, Dr. Dieter, Head Public Relations, Foreign Office of the German Federal Government, Bonn/Berlin, Germany

    „…. I am impressed with the volume of the content and the careful compositions of your work, which offers great help for your clients ….. has been implemented to our house library.“