Media Contacts


    Current and former press and media partners of Burkhard Herbote,, (World Tourism Directory,, Handbuch der deutsch-internationalen Beziehungen,

    abenteuer & reisen, Bad Homburg, Germany
    (publication ceased)
    Africa Live Magazin, Berlin, Germany


    Africa Travel Magazine, New York, USA + Vancouver, Canada


    Afrika Post, Bonn/Berlin

    (publication ceased)


    Albasta Verlag, Munich, Germany

    (company closed)


    ATC News (Aviation – Travel – Conservation), Kampala, Uganda


    AvNews Latin America & Caribbean, Miami, USA

    (publication ceased)


    Boletin Turistico, Barcelona, Spain

    (publication ceased)


    Campanotto Editore, Udine, Italy


    Clever Reisen Magazin, Markt Control Multimedia Verlag, Duisburg, Germany


    cosmoglobe Communications GmbH, Berlin, Germany


    Der Kassenarzt, Lünen, Germany

    (publication ceased)


    Deutsche Welle, Bonn, Germany


    Diplomatisches Magazin, Berlin, Germany


    Directory of German-International Relations


    Dispatch News Desk, Islamabad, Pakistan

 , Hawaii, USA


    fibre Verlag, Osnabrück, Germany


    FVW Fremdenverkehrswirtschaft International, Hamburg, Germany


    Gale Group, Detroit, USA (sold to Cengage; Publisher of the former Worldwide Travel Information Contact Book of Burkhard Herbote)


    GeoVis Media Services, Möhnesee, Germany


    Hayit Verlag GmbH, Cologne, Germany


    Hill of Content Publishing, Melbourne, Australia

    (company closed)


    K.G. Saur Verlag, Munich, Germany (now imprint from De Gruyter,; Publisher of the former World Tourism Directory and Handbuch der deutsch-internationalen Beziehungen/Directory of German International Relations of Burkhard Herbote)

 , Gütersloh, Germany


    Marokko News, Bockenem, Germany


    mediaadapter, Berlin, Germany


    Momberger Airport Information / Airport Forum News, Rutesheim, Germany +


    Mundo Marketing, Cologne, Germany


    Munzinger Archiv, Ravensburg, Germany


    Ost-West-Contact, Berlin


    PiPaPro Pilkowskis Papier Produkte, Laubach/Freienseen, Germany

    (company closed)


    Reisefieber Magazin, Hayit Verlag, Cologne, Germany (sold to Verlag A. Langer, Zeitlarn, Germany)

  – The African Directory, London, UK


    Studio de Tourisme Meierhofer, Yens-sur Morgens, Switzerland

    (company closed)


    Sympathie Magazine by Studienkreis für Entwicklung und Tourismus e.V., Ammerland/Starnberger See, Germany


    ti Geschäftsreise, Hamburg, Germany

    (publication ceased)


    Totalidade Editora, Sao Paulo, Brazil

    (company closed)


    tours – das abenteuer-magazine, Germany

    (publication ceased)


    Travel & Tourism News Middle East TTN, Manama, Bahrain


    Travel Africa Magazine, UK


    Travel Industry Publishing Company, New York, USA

    (TravelBigPicture – Travel Industry World Yearbook, publication ceased)


    Travel Responsibly and Sustainably, New Delhi, India



    Travel Talk Media, USA


    Travel Talk Radio, USA


    Travel World News, USA


    TravelJourno, Los Angeles, USA


    TravelTalk – India’s Travel Trade Weekly, Mumbai, India


    Verlag K.H. Bock, Bad Honnef, Germany

    (company closed)


    World of Information, Cambridge, UK

    (company closed, publisher of the former Africa Travel & Tourism Directory of Burkhard Herbote)