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One World ….. One Home ….

"By sharing our cultures with each other we will learn. And once we learn we will know. And when we know we will understand. And when we understand we can appreciate each other. This is our vision for our people from the past, to the present and into the future."

Aroha Crowchild, New Zealand, Maori activist in performing arts, music, culture, indigenous arts and aboriginal tourism


Welcome to the private, non-commercial website of Burkhard Herbote, Herbote International Research, Beckum, Germany, and his international network.

Burkhard is founder and editor of the website, with about 130,000 entries probable the world's most comprehensive tourism information online directory (except worldwide hotel guides) for the international travel community and the traveling consumer, who both rely on the accuracy of its content. The website contains, country by country, all international, national, regional, local tourism authorities, associations and organizations, and a huge number of travel services, corporations and travel and tourism media, government information sources, embassies and consulates, chambers of commerce, tourism investment agencies, non-profit organizations and much more. It also provides the most comprehensive listing of international associations, organizations and services in travel and tourism.

Further he is founder and editor of – Verzeichnis der deutsch-internationalen Beziehungen (Directory of German International Relations), the former Handbuch der deutsch-internationalen Beziehungen (Handbook of German International Relations), with about 40,000 entries of German and foreign representations abroad and in Germany, liaison offices and information centres for politics, foreign economics and banks, cultural exchange, education, media, development, international co-operation, humanitarian assistance, human rights, science, research, tourism, travel, transport, interreligious dialogue, integration, refugees, asylum and environmental conservation and protection.

Both online publications used to be books before. (First publishing 1991, resp. 1993). More details on this website.

Of course this cannot be realized by a one-man-show only. The Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the World Tourism Directory is Denis Dionne in Montreal, and there has been and still is a huge network of thousands of individuals around the globe helping with frequent contributions, updates, additions, or for a specific project only.

The publications focus mainly on the international travel and tourism industry, governments, consultants, media, researchers, educators and students, development organizations and international or intergovernmental organizations. Furthermore the publications may be helpful for travelers to plan their trip. Besides a commercial interest and the editorial 'job' of creating this directory our vision is to create bridges between countries, nations, cultures, religions and ideas to learn from each other and to bring peace, jobs and prosperity through travel and tourism.

People who travel and learn about cultures are not afraid of the unknown. Not just the traveler himself serves as an ambassador of his country or culture, but this industry has the responsibility to highlight its services to contribute as a piece of mutual understanding among the cultures. The international travel and tourism industry as the world largest employer and most influential trade should contribute and understood themselves being the "Peace Industry". Tourism is more than selling tickets, it’s the way forward! Even if this sounds 'naive' or unrealistic we are optimistic about this vision. Pessimists have never changed the world positively.

With this intention Burkhard Herbote and his global team cooperates (or used to cooperate) with several international tourism organizations, including the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT), International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP), the World Association of Travel Agencies (WATA-DMC), the former World Tourism Foundation, the World Development Endowment Foundation (WDEF), the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) or the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and the German Institute of Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa).

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