Picture: Travel Industry World 2002 YearbookFor the past 45 years, the Travel Industry World Yearbook—The Big Picture has provided marketers in as diverse sectors as airlines, hotels, car rental companies, convention and visitor bureaus, destinations, cruise companies, travel agencies, advertising, accounting and law, investment banking, and economists and educators, with a better understanding of the events, issues and challenges that shape the travel and tourism industry.

With its own, unique approach, the Yearbook highlights the main events and searches beyond the headlines to root out causes and effects and what they mean for the travel industry. Statistics are an important part of our presentation, but equally important is covering regions, countries, and industry sectors with in-depth analysis. This remains our operative method.

The Travel Industry World Yearbook is committed to maintaining its pre-eminent position as a reference and learning tool, written and edited to assist the industry practitioner in making more efficient and effective marketing decisions.

Special features in the 45th edition include an article by Doctor Stanley C. Plog entitled "Travels Past and Future: A Big Picture Will Get Even Bigger." Doctor Plog is the founder and former CEO/Chairman of Plog Research, Inc. (now NFO/Plog Research), a leading supplier or consulting services to the travel industry.

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