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Frequent Asked Questions

What we have to pay for our entry?

Nothing, you just have to let us know your full postal details, phone/fax numbers, central email address and website address. Please do not just send an email with your website/URL, even if we could find your details there.

Is there a guarantee of qualification or existing with the entry?

Of course not, altough we try to work as precise as possible. Anyone working editorial with international directories knows about a long list of potential difficulties regarding updates. The is a real worldwide directory, and we can not guarantee for the seriosity or correctness of any single entry.
If you know about a dead entry listed with our, please let us know.

Why do you not list individual hotels?

Our products are deliberate no hotel guide. There are already several hundred good ones, and our intention is not to create a further one.
But we intent to list the main hotel chains per country and central reservation services, so far available. If you realize some mistakes or missing ones, please let us know.
With exception of individual accommodation, rent-a-car-services and ordinary ticket agencies, most relevant branches of the tourist industry and the environment around of travel and tourism is considered by the editor.

Why do you not inform about names of the CEO's, directors, ministers etc.?

Because of the value of the complete content. Names of individuals usualy change much quicker than the general contact details.
To be up-to-date with the names of the staff, a regulary individual mailing would be necessary, and please do not forget it is a real worldwide directory. This would enlarge the costs and all efforts enormously. If the future allow this supplements, we would be glad to provide you with this data, too.

We are from the tourist industry. Why we never heared about the World Tourism Directory yet?

This publication is focused to the library branch by the publisher K.G. Saur, Munich, one of the leading international publishers for information and documentation with approximately 1,900 titles in print - books, journals, microforms, CD-ROM editions and online databases. Lot of academic and educational institutes of tourism do have the World Tourism Directory with their libraries. The relevant marketing goes to this direction. But of course there are no restrictions for other branches. If you are interested in more details refere to and

How and how often do you update the content?

We are busy with the updates permanentely, but can not work within the chapters of all countries every day.
The searches, the editorial updates for the and the Handbook of German-International Relations overlap. Usualy the updated hard copies has been published in a rhythm of 2-3 years, not annualy. We are in more or less permanent contact with lot of national tourism authorities, travel associations, travel media, embassies and consulates and we work through approx. 500-600 kilos of publications per year, beside of endless print outs and our regulary participation at international tourism exhibitions. Usualy our contacts with the national tourism autorities etc. inform us about news, updates, necessary supplements and often assist us with very detailed updates on the fundament of the relevant current file.
Although we try to work as accurate as possible we do hope for your understanding we can not guarantee for the correctness of any single entry. Sometimes it is just a question of time.
For instance, we are aware that beside of some individual chapters per country several content of the chapters of the 50 states of the US needs to be updated. This will be at our focus of 2002.

Are you interested in updates?

Of course yes. We always appreciate any update and supplement. (
Please contact us by

How we can highlight our service?

While with the former World Tourism Directory there was just limited advertising, with the regional volumes of the World Travel & Tourism Directories as well as with the there are chances to advertise your services.
For rates, sizes, highlighting your company logo or any advertising related questions please contact the publisher of the World Travel & Tourism Directories and the by or by telephone +44-1799-521150.

How are your long term plans?

There are several. Just to mention two:
With the we intent to add company profiles, which would allow you to locate a tour operator (for instance) by their profile with assistance of a site-wide search engine.
With the content of the Handbook of German-International Relations we intent to create an online directory.
Just to organize this two ones are comprehensive and time intensive undertakings.
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